Tuga Tango Marathon

TUGA TANGO MARATHON is the ultimate social Tango event organized by ENTRE DOS.

Apart from all ENTRE DOS initiatives in order to promote and develop the study and investigation of Argentine Tango, such as regular classes, seminars, workshops, internships, teachers trainings, Festivals, etc., the TUGA TANGO MARATHON is the moment to simply gather and fully enjoy 4 days of Tango among friends.

You can definitely count on the best environment imaginable and within the most perfect conditions to have an absolutely fulfilling dancing experience!

The marathon it’s the only event ENTRE DOS organizes where you will find no classes and no performances. Everybody his as special as the next person and the organizers and staff are there to serve and to make sure everything goes according to every participant’s expectations.

You can also count on the best Tangos to dance too, provided by a careful selection of exquisite DJs from all around the world.

Last but not least, the marathon takes place every two years, in the center of the beating heart of one of Europe’s most charismatic cities, Lisbon, and always during the third weekend of November, usually a sunny warm month in the corner of an often cold and a wet Europe!

Did we get your attention? Visit the marathon official website for more intel and join us for the next TUGA TANGO MARATHON!!!

About Rui & Inês

Rui & Inês are professional dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango.

While dancers, their work is characterized by their improvised performances. An improvised dance is born, develops and disappears forever in front of the eyes of the audience who therefore witness something unique, something alive that grows to the sound of the music and that with it ends. The viewer will never again watch the same show, not even if performed by the same couple at the sound of the same song. According to Rui & Inês, nothing can be truer, nothing can be more honest!

As teachers, and without disregarding the underlying traditions and values of this centennial dance, Rui & Inês have been working to demystify Argentine Tango by making it accessible to everyone and even more interesting to learn.. They've been doing so by merging and harmonizing the different styles of Tango dancing and the different musical currents associated with each of these styles into a lighter, more organic and more effective teaching methodology.

They emphasize the communication between the couple, the harmony, the dialogue, the fluidity and the natural movement. Because they love improvisation, they teach their students to improvise, thus developing in them an artistic and creative side, more suitable to express feelings, emotions, life.

Rui & Inês are professionals. This is their life. This is their future. Tomorrow they will be better than today and their students certainly too.