Weekend Seminars

Every month Rui & inês organize ENLACES: weekend intensive seminars dedicated to the different levels of Tango: BEGINNER | IMPROVER | IMPROVER/INTERMEDIATE | INTERMEDIATE | INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED | ADVANCED.

In the regular system of weekly classes, the most common paradigm, the teacher tends to convey to the student new information every week. Given that the student doesn’t have either a place to practice, or time to consolidate all the new information, the result is that he ends up leaving the school directly to the Milongas without having properly matured all the concepts that have been transmitted during the classes. With the accumulation of time and lessons, and due to the lack of practice, the dispersion of information becomes unavoidable. Therefore, and believing it to be in the best interest of the student, we’ve decided to bet on a different kind of proposal, one whose results have surpassed by far our best expectations: WEEKEND INTENSIVE SEMINARS.

Each Seminar consists of 6 classes of 90 minutes each, condensed in only 1 weekend. Each class addresses a particular concept of Tango, appropriate to the specific level of that Seminar but also to the specific needs of the group.

That is why we accept a maximum of only 8 couples for each level, thus ensuring a high level of teaching quality and a real monitoring of each student.

Another advantage of this type of system is that, even though each seminar is logically connected to the previous one, it’s also, at the same time, autonomous and independent. This allows any person to participate on a certain seminar even if not having participated on the previous one.

The price of each Seminar also includes 2 weekly Practicas with the presence of a teacher, during one month and until the next seminar. Those Practicas are the moment for the students to clarify any doubts they may have and for them to consolidate what they have learned in the seminars. (know more about “La Practica”).

We therefore invite you to proceed to your registration by email. You can use the form on the SIGN UP menu on your left. Everything else just leave it to us and focus on enjoying the ride!

About Rui & Inês

Rui & Inês are professional dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango.

While dancers, their work is characterized by their improvised performances. An improvised dance is born, develops and disappears forever in front of the eyes of the audience who therefore witness something unique, something alive that grows to the sound of the music and that with it ends. The viewer will never again watch the same show, not even if performed by the same couple at the sound of the same song. According to Rui & Inês, nothing can be truer, nothing can be more honest!

As teachers, and without disregarding the underlying traditions and values of this centennial dance, Rui & Inês have been working to demystify Argentine Tango by making it accessible to everyone and even more interesting to learn.. They've been doing so by merging and harmonizing the different styles of Tango dancing and the different musical currents associated with each of these styles into a lighter, more organic and more effective teaching methodology.

They emphasize the communication between the couple, the harmony, the dialogue, the fluidity and the natural movement. Because they love improvisation, they teach their students to improvise, thus developing in them an artistic and creative side, more suitable to express feelings, emotions, life.

Rui & Inês are professionals. This is their life. This is their future. Tomorrow they will be better than today and their students certainly too.